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    Tralee Golf Club 6 Hole Short Course & Driving Range

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    The Project At A Glance

    At Tralee Golf Club, under the direction of Martin Hawtree, AGC built a new 6 hole Par 3 course to complement its Arnold Palmer designed 18 hole course. Tralee is amongst those that are blazing the trail of the future with a Par 3 course that is appealing to young aspiring golfers, families who want a group activity  for all ages and for those who want to sharpen their skills while maximizing time and productivity.

    Key Features

    • Built 6 hole Par 3 course
    • Drainage installed throughout the course
    • Built tee boxes, target greens, bunkers, fairway extensions
    • Irrigation system installed with full coverage of greens, tees and fairways
    • Drainage installed throughout the course
    • Added rock features to enhance the landscaping and natural surroundings
    • Renovated the driving range

    Golf Course Architect: Martin Hawtree

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